Responsibility We are responsible for our actions day in and day out. Responsibility for the environment and the communities we are allowed to work in and call home. This means doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Efficiency Being efficient in everything we do. Efficiency allows us to be a profitable district which in turn allows us to grow. Profitability and growth allow us all to enjoy the rewards of our hard work.

Yearning The definition of yearning is desire. Every person has an innate need to grow and expand throughout our entire lives; we must yearn to be the best at what we do if we want to maintain a growth environment personally and professionally. Have the passion and desire to be great in all our dealings with each other and our customers. Be the best at doing our job efficiently and correctly.

Safety We strive for complete safety of our employees, customers, and the cities and counties we work in. Protection from accidents and injuries is our #1 priority every minute of every day.